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Bittboy – top or flop?

Bittboy – the new “old” handheld Everyone knows the time after the release of the first nintendo handheld, everyone played it and everyone had it. Now we life in a time were we have beatiful graphics in video games but the child in us wants to play a retro game again. So a young team… Read More »

Soundwave Tattoo

  Soundwave Tattoo – the new generation? Soundwave Tattoos are a new way to using art and technology. What can show more feels as a tattoo? A tattoo you can hear. Everyone knows the feeling to keep a moment for the whole life with a simple tattoo, now it is possible to give your tattoo much… Read More »

Yeezys – just a shoe?

Yeezys the kings of the sneaker world? Hello and welcome to a new article. Today we got some information about a hype which the most of the young people already now. A lot of people think it is a really crazy hype because they are “just” shoes. What we are talking about? Yeezys! The Yeezy… Read More »