Bittboy – top or flop?

By | 30. August 2017

Bittboy – the new “old” handheld

Everyone knows the time after the release of the first nintendo handheld, everyone played it and everyone had it. Now we life in a time were we have beatiful graphics in video games but the child in us wants to play a retro game again. So a young team created a handheld named “Bittboy” which takes us back to the retro time.

What is a Bittboy?

A new handheld is a “play on-go” retro mini handheld which brings you an unexpected experience on gaming  with a IPS display screen. But there is one fact that our old nintendos didnt had.
With a Bittboy you can also play games on your television too because the handheld has a composite video output. The retro handheld includes 300 FC/NES games, that means you dont need to buy them. The price is also very cheap, for 39,99$.


– Colors: Black,White,Blue,Red,Yellow
– Material: ABS
– Size at 6.8×9.9×1.3cm
– 2.2″ IPS Display screen
– TV Output
– Languages: English
– Supports FC/ NES games
– New only English version and no Chinese
– 500mAh lithium battery
– Weight: 200g

Cheap = Bad ?

We cant say if the product is good or not. We only can say that it sounds like a fair price for such a amount of games. After we searched for much more informations we found some reviews of this product. We searched the best reviews for you:

” I have received mine today. It is supposed to have 300 titles but it has 129 games only! No Donkey Kong, Arcanoid etc. My package was almost lost because someone forget to put the street name in the adres! I like to concept, I understand that is cheap but I feel cheated a bit. ”

“I just got the 129 version and played it all weekend. The added games are great including panic restaurant, pizza cats, mega man, rocking cats, Bucky O’Hara. Give it a try if you love NES games.”

There are some good reviews but also some bad reviews, so we think you need to try it on your own. 

The official website of Bittboy : Click

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