iPhone 8 is coming

By | 24. August 2017

Apples new iPhone 8

Like every year apple is dropping again a new iPhone, this year it will be the iPhone 8. We collected all information for you about the new iPhone. Apple is expected to release its iPhone 8 next month, in what is expected to be the company’s biggest smartphone launch in years, if we can trust the sources it will be the September 12.


  • Edge to edge display
  • OLED Display
  • Faster A12 Processor (As A11 is coming in iPhone 7s )
  • Glass Body
  • No Physical Home Button
  • Wireless Charging
  • 4K Display
  • 3D Camera



Apple says that the new iPhone 8 is  like never before. The new iPhone seems to get no home button anymore (Video).iPhone 8 is expected to feature a radical redesign, with an edge-to-edge display that means. Instead, rumors suggest Touch ID will either be built into the display or eliminated entirely in favor of facial recognition technology, which Apple is confirmed to be working on. Either way, there will be no physical Home button on the iPhone 8 and no bezels aside from a small area for the front-facing camera. Also a part of the biggest news this year is that Apple is expected to finally introduce OLED displays on the iPhone. Like the iPhone 7 the new iPhone will also be water resistance. The new front-facing camera will include 3D sensing capabilities which allows it to find the location and depth of objects in front of it, enabling advanced 3D facial recognition features. But one of the bad news is that the new Phone will be the most expensive iPhone apple ever made.


If you google “iPhone 8” you will see a lot of photos. We searched the most possible pictures of it but please think about that not a single of these pictures is really confirmed. The first real pictures you will see in September.

iPhone 8

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