Pouch Couch

By | 9. July 2017

pouch couch
Today we got a interesting hype for the people who really loves to hang out outside with friends. We talk about a “flatable couch”. Its perfect for the summer season but also for the winter season for your room.

Pouch Couch

The pouch couch works everywhere and everyone can do it. You just need to grab it and scoop up  with manual air,movement or wind to fill the inner chambers. Sounds really easy.
A really good point too is that it is really easy to carry.

Details about the pouch couch

  • you can “pouch to Couch” in a few seconds and that really easy
  • there are no pumps or batteries required, all you need is some wind ( lasts five hours on a single fill)
  • includes a parachute-grade and Rip Stop Material
  • 7 different designer colors (black,navy,blue,green,pink,red,white)
  • it is easy to carry but it holds hp to 500+ lbs
  • like we wrote in the last point it is light and compact, you can store it everywhere you want (weighs around 2 lbs.)
  • it is also water resistant, so you can use it at the sea
  • Great for the entire family and easy to set up for everyone
  • it is cheap and perfect for a summer day/night or for example a gaming night at home with your friends!

How to set up the pouch couch

The set up is pretty easy to do:

First Step:
You need to grab the top lip of the 1st chamber and open it wide while holding down the bottom lip of the 1st chamber. Then open and close it quickly to pump it full of air.

Second Step:
Holding the 1st chamber closed tightly, flip the bag over and repeat the first step for the 2nd chamber. Note the bag is not completely full but it is ready to be secured.

Third Step:
Fold over until bag is full and you’re unable to continue. Grab both ends of the buckle, make sure the bent part is away from your body. Then connect the buckle.

Enjoy: Lay the PouchCouch down with the tag facing up and start lounging!


Where you can buy it:

There are a lot of different types of these. The original one is available right here:

https://www.pouchcouch.com/ or https://www.amazon.com/Pouchcouch-Lightweight-Carrying-Pouch-Inflatable/dp/B01JI7CKGW


Other one:

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