Yeezys – just a shoe?

By | 2. July 2017

Yeezys the kings of the sneaker world?

Hello and welcome to a new article. Today we got some information about a hype which the most of the young people already now. A lot of people think it is a really crazy hype because they are “just” shoes.

What we are talking about?

Yeezys! The Yeezy is a collaboration sneaker by Adidas and Kanye West. This are not just shoes, with the first release of a yeezy pair they created a fan base. Nowadays they are one of
biggest status symbols in the world of shoes/sneakers. But thats not all, after the release of yeezys the fanbase started Facebook groups and Twitter pages to sharing leaked information,prices and much more.

Just a shoe?

Maybe, kanye west revolutionised with his new kind of shoes the sneaker world. Some people deal with it to make money, other people collect them like a kind of a hobby.
Another special thing about this shoe is you cant get them in every shop like footlocker,snipes or something else. They are different ways and difficult ways to get them, this are one point why they are so special. If you are interested in some you need to wait for a new release or buy them for more money from the yeezy fanbase.


Yeezys, yeezys, yeezys …

The are a lot of  different kinds of them.

#1 Boost 350

yeezys 350

#2 Boost 350 v2

yeezys boost 350 v2

#3 Boost 750

yeezys boost 750

#4 Boost 950

yeezys Boost 950

These are just a little part of them, they are available in a lot of different colors,types and kinds. The prices are very different, for example at a release day you can buy a yeezy boost 350 for 350$ and later online for more then 500$.

At this Website you can order some:

What do you think about this hype, is it to expensive for a pair of shoes or is it okay? Thank you for reading our article!

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