The floor is lava

By | 17. June 2017

Be careful! The floor is lava is back

What do we talking about?

Normally it is a game for children, but since the new hype about this challenge everyone is playing it. Did you already hear it?. The game “the floor is lava” is back.
Everyone know the rules, the players imagine that the floor or ground is made of lava and if you touch the ground you get burned. The players must stand on things like a couch,furniture or other room’s architecture. The difficulty of this game is that the players dont stand still and are require to move.

Why is this game a new hype again?

In our opinion it is a new hype again because it is funny and crazy as well. For example you are on your way to the cinema and someone is starting the game just by shouting “The floor is lava!”.
Any player who is still standing on the “floor” after a few seconds is out. Normally there are not any options to rejoin the game.

Another funny gamemode:

Another funny mode of this game is called “The Hot Lava Monster”. The rules are the same but a new thing is that one player is a lava monster who can touch the ground without burning.
Now the monster must try to touch the other players. It is funny but be careful by jumping from object to object


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