The 5 most expensive fidget spinner

By | 7. June 2017

When I asked a colleague if he knew about really expensive fidget spinner, he responded: “The most expensive fidget spinner i know costs 20$”. That is the reason why i write this article. You think 20$ is a lot of money for a spinner? Just read

“The 5 most expensive fidget spinner”

In our last article we wrote about the good reasons why you should buy one for you or your child.( Today we will write about really crazy prices. Here we go

#5 MecArmy- GP3 Spinner


Our number 5 is the “MecArmy- GP3 Spinner”.

This Spinner is made of TC4 Titanium alloy shell and it costs 190$. It is available in Titanium PVD black, PVD blue and Sandblasted versions.
The Dimensions:2.5″ x 0.7″, weight 4.3 oz


#4 Maya Totem Spinner

Place number 4 is the ” Titanium Alloy Maya Totem Spinner”.It is made of Magical Color and Titanium too.  The Price is 200$
The Dimensions: 3 Tritium Tubes in size 6*1.5mm



Now the top 3. The third place is the fidget spinner “Beacon”.It iss CNC Machined from grade 2 pure titanium, haves a ceramic bearing and costs 299$.
The Dimensions are a 12 mm thick body, 18 mm thick at the buttons and 38mm total width by 75mm length. The first time it will be available at late July.

#2 Damascus Steel Fidget Spinner

Our second place is a handmade Spinner. This is a Spinner which was made by a Youtuber named “Alec Steele”. We got the informations that the price for it was about 500$.  You think that this is to expensive? Wait for our first place.
Aviable: —


The first place is a very expensive and luxury fidget spinner.
It is made of Stainless Steel and Brass or just Stainless Steel. This spinner costs 700$.

The Dimensions: 2.77″ long
Available at:

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