Reasons why you should buy a fidget spinner

By | 6. June 2017

fidget spinner

Reasons to buy a Fidget Spinner

The most of us know the new hype named “Fidget Spinner”. One of the biggest reasons why the people buy them is because it makes a lot of fun. But there are some other reasons too why it will be a good idea to buy your kids a fidget spinner. The pocket size spinner can ease stress & help focus attention.

First of all fidget spinners can help kids with anxiety/ADHD or autism.
• Soothe away stress
• Calm nerves & anxiety
• Focus attention for better concentration
• Ease symptoms of ADD, ADHD & Autism (ages 10 & up)
Also they are not really expensive. You can get one for just 5$. So if your kid is begging for one its not so expensive like a playstation or something like this.

But there are some “negative” points too.
Dont forget that kids are kids! Maybe they will put parts of the spinners in their mouth, be careful. Sure maybe it is effective against symptoms of ADD etc. but there are other ways against it. A fidget spinner is just a toy.

In my opinion its a good tool for a stressfull day(for parents and kids!). I mean if they really have way to calm nerves and soothe stress away for 5$ its worth it.

Here are some fidget spinners who looks pretty cool!

More about the toy:

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